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Interview | Omar Thompson - With Thompson Studios, The Resilient Visionary Bounces Back After Legal Woes

For over a year, Omar Thompson was going back and forth to court dealing with the fallout of some potentially life altering charges.  More headlines popped up, this time with a possible sentence of 20 years attached to a guilty plea.
Born and bred in Harlem, Omar Thompson is a talented comedian who has been honing his talents since college.  At Post University he developed his talent, and found his true calling wasn’t playing basketball professionally, but instead making people laugh, professionally.  He’s spent the last two decades doing just that, with credits that include BET, MTV, Showtime, headlining the Apollo Theater, and many more.  Even with all he’s accomplished, his biggest headlines came in the last two years. Our Omar Thompson interview dives into those headlines for the first time!

ParleNY presents the Omar Thompson Interview
His story, His own words

We talked to the mayor of the greatest city in the world. Discussed his challenges, his priorities and a bit of what’s the come.  Dive into the Parle New York Mayor Eric Adams interview…
Being mayor of New York City is arguably the hardest job in New York. It’s certainly the most criticized and scrutinized. When New York City Mayor Eric Leroy Adams took office on January 1, 2022, he inherited the city in a post-covid fog. A city still trying to recover from loss of life, loss of learning for our students, loss of opportunity for many workers, and loss of many city staples that had shut down over the course of the pandemic. Mayor Bill de Blasio had left the city in a precarious state and Covid-19 created new norms, but Eric Adams was willing to step in and take up the reins, even if that meant he would never truly be loved or appreciated for his efforts.

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